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Jacques (Jakob) TROSTLI

Jacques Trostli was born in Vienna under the name of Jakob Trostli on October 14, 1883. He came from a Jewish family and his parents were Sigmund Trostli and Leopold Trostli. Jakob and two brothers, Ernst Efraim Trostli and Arthur Nosen Trostli.
He grew up in Vienna and later became a cinema manager.

The records show that he was married to Angela Trostli née Kadelburger and that the couple had no children.

After the Anschluss, when Austria became part of the Reich, Jakob fled the country and took refuge in France, where he was registered under the name Jacques Trostli. He lived at 6, rue Grolée in the 2nd district of Lyon.

In September 1907, the Pathé company founded Cinématographe Monopole, which was responsible for showing its films in France. Cinématographe Monopole set up operations at 6 rue Grolée in Lyon and opened the Théâtre-Pathé Grolée cinema. Jacques lived in an apartment above the cinema.


Cinéma vue du haut


Jacques Trostli was arrested at his home in Lyon on July 18, 1944. He was arrested by the French police on the grounds that he was Jewish.




He was interned in the Drancy transit camp on July 26, 1944. The Drancy search log No. 161 testifies to the date on which he arrived at the camp.

carnet de fouille


On July 31, 1944, he was deported on Convoy No. 77 to Auschwitz, where he arrived on August 3, 1944.

Liste des déportés du convoi n°77

TROSTLI, Jacques









On August 19, 1944, the camp doctor examined him and he was found to have a heart condition. He was interned in block 9 in room 6/4.


The camp doctor saw him again on September 1, 1944.

It is assumed that Jacques died in Auschwitz-Birkenau sometime after that.



His name appears on the Wall of Names of the Shoah Memorial in Paris, on slab N° 39, column N° 13, row N° 3.

Le mur des Noms du Memorial de la Shoah



Corentin, Angelino, Noémie and Beatriz, 9th grade students at the Hector Berlioz middle school in Colmar, in the Haut-Rhin department of France, with the guidance of Ms.Bourganis et Mr. Addesa.

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