You are working on Convoy 77 project ? You can submit an application for the European call for projects from HISTOLAB

HISTOLAB launched a form to select originals projects to teach History. If your project is chosen, you will be invited to participate in the Innovation Days that are set to take place in the Palais de l’Europe on 3-5 April 2024, in Strasbourg, France.

Convoy 77 projects match the criteria. You can apply for completed or ongoing projects. 

The deadline for submission of the application form is the 15 of December 2023. 


How to Apply ? 


There is a dedicated Webpage to apply with 17 questions. 

To prepare your answers, you can consult the document presenting few questions of the form.

You can also gather your own documents presenting your project (presentation Power Point, videos, links, etc.) and join it at the end of the form. 

If you need help, you can contact our coordinator, Claire Podetti, to help you fulfill the form :

HISTOLAB is a joint project between the European Union and the Council of Europe that focuses on the potential for evolution in history education, and shines a light on innovative initiatives in research, academia, and teaching practices.



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