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Teachers need to be “one step ahead”

The ideal time is to start in May or June of the previous year, in order to have time to explore the material provided by the Convoy 77 association, to look for new material, and to secure funding.

Various federations or foundations can help to fund your project:

  • La Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah (information in English)
  • La Fédération Maginot (in French) can help finance an outing or a trip (by contributing to the cost of the journey)
  • La DPMA The French Heritage, Memory and Archives Directorate (information in French)
  • Le Souvenir français (a French non-profit organisation that conserves war memorials and memories of war) can help with war-related projects (information in French).
  • Town and city halls: we don’t often think of them, but they may be interested.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from Convoy 77, as members of the association can help you to submit a proposal.

Here are some ideas:

  • Look at the Shoah Memorial collection.
  • From the deported person’s last, known address, you can search for them in the 1936 census; most towns and cities have scanned them, so they are available online.
  • Search for birth records in town and city halls if the person was born in France.
  • In the French departmental or municipal archives, focusing on those relating to the Second World War.
  • Don’t forget schools, where registers have often been preserved.
  • The Bad Arolsen archives

Yes, anything is possible:

You can work with one pupil, or two, or a whole class.

The teacher chooses the “framework” in which the project will be carried out.

Anything is possible

The restrictions caused by the Covid epidemic have already meant that some teachers have had to carry out the project over several school years.

Text, photos, information, sources and links:

Find the different documents to send to us in the right format to facilitate the posting of your biography online.
Click here to read our detailed article.

In principle no,

unless new records are found that provide additional information.

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