European Parliament: Working Group Against Antisemitism invites Convoi 77 to join a webinar

On April, 21, Convoi 77 attended a webinar organised by the European Parliament’s Working Group Against Antisemitism and the European Jewish Congress (CJE). This online conference was headed by Nicola Beer, vice president of the European Parliament, and Ariella Woitchik, in charge of European affairs at the CJE.

The objective of this conference was to discuss methods of teaching the Holocaust in the 21st century, at a time where the generational gap, digitalisation and misinformation represent major issues.

Lawmakers, civil society members and experts from different European countries were present.

Two panel discussions, in French and in English, were held. The French one was hosted by the MEP Ilana Cicurel with speeches by Iannis Roder, an author and history teacher, and Georges Mayer, president of Convoi 77.

“In spite of 30 years of compulsory teaching of the Holocaust, there are still too many young people who declare never having heard of this part of history at school. It is for this reason that Convoi 77 offers innovative pedagogical approaches that are adapted to new digital tools”, stated Georges Mayer.

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