Convoy 77 on the website of l’Elysée, the French Presidential Palace

To mark the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust on 27 January, the French government praised the work carried out by the Convoy 77 project.

“We have a responsibility to history but also to the future: to ensure that memories are passed on,”, Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, said in a recorded speech.

“We owe this effort of remembrance and humanism to the younger generations in particular, so that the memory of the Shoah is never forgotten, so that this atrocious episode in our history is never repeated and so that no young European can remain ignorant of it. If we ignore it, we run the risk of allowing the worst rhetoric to resurface and the evil winds return. And all this requires practical initiatives, such as that of Georges Mayer and his Convoy 77 association. (…) I would like to thank them, and thank the teachers and the young people for their commitment.”

To visit the Elysée website (in French) and watch the President’s speech, click here


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