Embassy of France, 19 Ambassadors for the Project Convoi 77

Yesterday, the “European Project Convoi 77” initiated by Georges Mayer was officially launched at the Maison de France in the presence of 19 Ambassadors and foreign Embassy Representatives in Israel.

The Convoy 77 was one of the last convoys to leave Drancy on July 31, 1944, to Auschwitz. In this convoy 1,321 people were deported, among them more than 300 children.

The work of the Mémorial de la Shoah and of the association Families and friends of the deportees of Convoy 77, founded by Georges Mayer whose own father Alex Mayer was deported in this convoy, made it possible to gather information (photos, testimonies, personal documents …) concerning 400 of these 1,321 deportees born in 32 different countries.

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